Young Witch, but no Bane???

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It was my understanding that any game that has Young Witch will have a Bane card somewhere in the kingdom.  Is that accurate? 

Game:  109172789

Am I just overlooking the Bane card?  (It's 2:30 am, my time, right now, and I've just finished up 14 hours of work, so it's certainly possible that I am just missing something obvious.)


By squinting at the screen (sadly, when you changed the Dominion interface a while back, I lost the usual ability to enlarge the screen font), I guess that the Castle might be the Bane card.  What threw me was when I did the usual Rt-Click on Castles [see attached image], it does NOT show the card as a bane.


Right, unfortunately the bane identifier on the pile does not work great with split/mixed piles.