How to change my username?

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I would like to change my username. How do I go about this?


General info: You can't change your username yourself. Contact me (here on discord: and I'll tell you what I need to know, in private message.


Thanks for the link.  But you forgot to tell that person (and the rest of us) what to do next, once we've clicked on the link, and then clicked on Accept for the "Ingix has invited you..." message.  Okay, we're now inside Discord.  Can you give us the step-by-step directions for how to find you, how to send you a personal (or public??) message there?

Much thanks...I'd also like to change my username for this website, to reflect the same username that I have at the Dominion gameplaying site.  (ie, change it from my actual name, to: santamonica811)


The link is like telling someone your (home or business) address. It's assumed that they will then be able to find you there and unless you live in a maze like building complex, the address is usually enough to find the correct door or the correct door bell.

Of course, the internet is different in all places, and it does take some time to get used to a new neighborhood, but once you are at discord, if you ask a question like "What do I need to do to contact Ingix", an answer will normally come soon.

I'll have to see what needs to be done for a username change here in this forum, but that will have to wait (I've got to leave for a few hours).


There are actually 2 "usernames" for each profile, the one you use to login, and the one that is shown to other users. Both can be changed in your "profile" section, accessible from the the menu at the top of the page:

I changed the (display) "Name", which just required that I enter my current password again. Changing the "Username" requires a new password via password reset function, which I didn't want to do for testing, but I guess it works as well.

I think that should do what you want to do. Changing the display name would be enough, but to not create confusion for yourself, you may or may not want to change the username as well.


Thanks for trying Ingix,
It was great to read that we all can change our username (or, more appropriate for me, as you noted, can change our Display name) right here.  BUT...

It does not work.  I followed your directions, got to the same location [ShuffleIT>Profile of JB>Acct Settings]
But my screen looks very different from yours.  (See below).  You have a grayed out Username, and a Display name box directly below that (with, apparently, a hot link in the first location, which you can click on if you do want to change your username).  I do not have that lower 'display name' box at all.  And, while I do have a grayed out Username box, there is no way to change it...not that I would want to.

Of course I also tried entering my password again, to see if that made some new box suddenly appear.  Nope; it just game me a message that I had successfully updated (even though I had not made any changes).

Any ideas on what to do now?  Weird that your screen looks so different.

If it matters; I am running the most recent version of Firefox on my desktop PC (Win 10) computer.


That's the disadvantage of having "only" an admin account, you can't really see what the "normal guy" sees.  ;D Turns out I can change anyone's display name, and I guess when I change your login name, you get an email.

So I did change your display name, which seems to work. Of course, if you want more changes, just ask. Sorry for the detour  :-[

I deleted your picture, because it contained your email address, but I saw that it looked differently from mine.


Much thanks!
And it's good for all of us to have the info that we non-Admins can't change the Display name ourselves.  Sadly (in terms of your workload), it's gotta be you.   :-)