Game froze after opponent resigned, rating was not updated

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Copying from the game log:
Game #111449952, rated.
vinay: 55.21
phika: 62.09

On turn 15, phika resigned. I was unable to click "ok" on the resignation message. I logged in again and checked my rating and saw it was still 55.21 - it appears that whatever weird state the game got into, it didn't record the game result or update my rating (as I understand it, ratings are now updated after every game rather than going in batches like they used to a few years ago)




I get this from time to time, too (also on unrated games). What I think happens is that one of the servers that deals with players between games gets rebooted, so the client doesnt't get connected to the end-of-game screen (which comes from that server). It also means that the immediate in-client update after the game doesn't get done, so you remained at 55.21 in the client.

That doesn't mean the game or its result is lost. It will be taken into account at the next nightly update, which is still happening as some years ago. This can be seen nicely in your case as this was your last rated 2P game until now, and the nigthly update happened afterwards. You are at 55.47 right now, up considerably from your previous 55.21 due to the win vs. someone roughly 7 levels higher rated than you.


Thanks! Yep I see it has updated now, looks like it got picked up in the nightly update. Glad that this case is covered and becomes eventually consistent! I do wonder if this has some impact on scoring (e.g. if I were to have played another game after this one, would the score updates have been based on the old score or new score) but presumably this is a relatively rare, relatively small impact if there is one at all.