Specific Freeze on Game #110578388

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The game could not progress from "Waiting for Bad Advisor". See attached picture.

I tried reloading, which appeared to work (and gave me a count every time it did it), but still left the game unable to progress.

I tried undo-ing my moves, and re-playing slightly different moves, presumably leaving Bad Advisor different options, but that failed in the same way.

A bug?


Yes, the AI is unable to proceed with a Secret Passage, as it can't handle the new UI to select which card to put back and where. A known but unfortunately not yet fixed bug.



Is there a list of the "known but unfortunately not yet fixed" bugs, so users like me don't slow everything down by reporting already known stuff?




Most of the Bug subforums have a sticky topic at the top, like "Known Card Bugs" that list the known issues.

Because it has turned out that the AI can be a spectacular fool (not Fool) at many times and situations ("Hey, Chapel is super good, what do I need those stinky Provinces for?"), there isn't a list where the AI is acting badly (it would be way too long), but the cases where the game stops when the AI "locks up" can be found in the "Card Bugs" subforum in "Known Card Bugs". If you search for "Secret Passage" there, you'll find it at the end, whith the other known cases.