Stuck on Waiting for Lord Rattington

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Joining game #624 on frankfurt-test.
Turn 22.
The waiting message disappeared when I clicked it, but clicking on anything else doesn't work.
Embarrassing screen shot below (I'm losing to the bot badly).



I was able to undo to go back, but I clicked back pretty far.  I hope you can still see the complete logs to diagnose the problem.


I got stuck waiting for Lord Rattington.

Game 268 on fankfurt-test
Turn 8

It was the beginning of my turn, but I had to wait for Lord Rattington.


Waiting for Lord Rattington. Game #717.


This seems to happen the turn after you played Possession against the bot. The question you're asked is getting lost somehow.

For now a workaround is to refresh the browser and return to your game by logging in again.