Game is in it's worst state ever between invisible timers, 'undo', and slow ui

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You said it's not a bug that we can be kicked waiting for a response to an undo request, but with no visible timer you've just designed the game poorly.

Now it takes at least twice as long to play as well. Good luck, I'll be switching to Steam


I'm sorry you feel that way. I really wish you fun with the Temple Gates game, I played with it a few times and it works well.


I agree. If you are waiting for a person's response, you should be given extra time... or if that person is just "teasing you" why not kick that person off? or at least temporarily silence them?

If they don't respond in 5 minutes, they are silenced, the other player has an additional 5 minutes to make ONE move and their is not further conversation between the 2 players.

It's a few extra minutes, but only effects one jerk.



I also play that game now over 12 years and played on that plattform arround 4400 games.

Every day there is another bug and the game changed in a way that it does not make fun anymore.

Can we play the game for free until it is a playable game again?