Feedback on interface tweaks for preview week

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I've noticed a lot of interface tweaks when I started my first game during preview week. I like a lot of these but there are a couple of things I want to point out.

Bigger numbers = very good. This is a great change.

The VP counter font has changed -- it's very difficult to read the letters because they're so skinny. Maybe just bolding it would fix it but maybe not. In either case the font as is makes it very hard to read.

The number on the favor token icon is harder to read now, is there any way to increase the black border around the number? The white number on the light blue background just doesn't show up very well.


Thanks, I will move them forward. I had similar reservations about the VP font.


When I right click on a card with a trait, it shows me the card and the trait. Great. If I clicked on the card part, the card is in the center and the trait is off to the side. If I clicked on the trait part, the trait is in the center and the card is off to the side.

But the thing that's off to the side is so small. Why make it smaller? It's small enough that I have to lean forward in order to read it when I don't have to lean forward to read anything else. I think it should just be the same size as it normally would be.


A day or two ago, I logged in to play and noticed right away that everything was harder to read. Then today I had to resign a game because I had no way to choose Horn or Lantern or move the game forward in any way.


The Horn/Lantern problem is being fixed, it should work again tomorrow.


Sometimes after right clicking on a card, the full card view does not go away even after clicking elsewhere in the window.



Work has been done on the right-clicking issue. But over various browesers and devices it proved difficult to nail it everywhere. While I personally haven't had it since 2 days, it may not be gone. If you experience that problem, please post and state your device/brwoser! That will help finding any remainign issues  :D