Warning to everyone about abusive player 77777777

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I strongly encourage everyone to block this player. He is incredibly rude and abusive and as soon as he starts losing he begins to play his cards as slowly as humanly possible, one at a time to have a temper tantrum and becomes really rude about it.

Because these types of people ruin the game for everyone, I recommend you block him so you don't end up in a game like this

His username is 77777777


I encountered him too and reported him but he admitted to have several accounts. 3333333, 232323, 7777777 and many more following the same scheme for his name. He is also irata.


Just for information, the 77777777 account and any following have long since been banned. Of course, new accounts are cheap.


Gee... never met one of those before...

A lot of players do that when they are loosing games. Sometimes it's because 1. They are thinking and becoming a bit frazzled. 2. They have lost interest and are becoming a bit bored. 3. It's because they are asshole and want to be assholes...asshole them back! They take too long, well start baking muffins, cleaning your floor or watching TV while they are annoying, heck, even beginin to draw a bubble to celebrate your victory!

And if he is verbally abusive, go for the show... ask him about his mother...


Quote from: crystine on 11 December 2022, 05:33:33 AM
3. It's because they are asshole and want to be assholes...asshole them back! They take too long, well start baking muffins,

Please, do not do that. Instead, blacklist them, resign and then report them at https://tinyurl.com/dominion-abuse

These people have time, otherwise they wouldn't be doing that. If you do the same, they are not inconvinienced or "made to deal with what they do to others". Instead, they feal validated that what they do has an effect on other players, that's what they want.

Also, by the nature of real life, sometimes people appear to be assholes by slowplaying and not responding, when in reality they are dealing with some IRL situation. The kid needs help on the loo, or has spilled the milk. Some phone call is coming in, or the door bell rings. The boss or colleague is coming into the office and starts a comversation.

If in those situations you start to slowplay back, those players will learn that this is apparently a common way to deal with that situation. And they will apply it when they feel their opponent slowplays. So the bad behaviour is spreading from the abusers to those using it in "self defence", and that defence seems to get applies for ever decreasing "severity of infractions".

From many reports I read some are really about regular slowplayers, but a lot read like an escalation game where one player took "to long" in the other player's mind (maybe really to long for whatever reasons, or maybe not, that's hard to tell) and then they both start to slowplay, each one in retaliaton to the other's previous. What could have been a 2-3 minute loss to both players becomes as 15-20 min time waste :-(


Of course I know that!

Just because a person starts playing slow does not mean they doing it offensively... it could be everything from a bad connection, a phone call to having to use the bathroom...

And "slow playing" isn't something I would call as abusive, in and of itself. "Slow playing" COMBINED with sarcastic remarks, offensive comments, inviting other players that know each other/friends to make additional bullying remarks during a game, etc could be considered abusive.

The format of this particular online game doesn't have a lot of room for online abuse since there are no personal bios, pics, voice to voice contact so what one person assumes is "abuse" much actually have a entirely different explaination or just be a mistake or a bad joke.