Blacklist feature no longer available while playing a game

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Also when my opponent resigns it get an internal error when you try to resume the game with the computer.  You can block people once the game finishes, but not during the game. 


For the blacklisting, the spectator view was broken 2 days, but works again. So if you want to blacklist (or maybe befriend) an opponent, you can open the specator list (which also includes the players) and do that there.

The "Reload game" feature is broken in much more ways that before (it happened also before Plunder, but rarely). Since it is the technical basis of the "Continue with bot" feature, that problem  shows there as well. The developer is aware of the problem, but I don't know when they will work on it  :(


I'm late on this, but the Continue with Bots feature now works as reliable as before, the culrpit(s) for the recent surge of non-continuable games has been found and the problem solved. Unfortunately, the games since the Plunder previews are sill affected, they simply miss information required.