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Journey + Alchemist

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When I buy a journey with a Potion and a number of Alchemists in play, I ought to be given the chance to topdeck the Alchemists before the beginning of my Journey turn, and again at the *end* of my Journey turn.

Alchemist specifies "at the start of Clean-up this turn, topdeck" and journey says "don't discard during clean-up" but doesn't say anything else about moving cards.


You quoted the relevant part: "at the start of Clean-up this turn,..." (emphasis mine).

If you didn't topdeck the Alchemists on the turn you played them (= the turn you bought Journey), you can't topdeck them on the next (Journey) turn. It isn't "this turn" any more for their ability. Of course you can topdeck newly played Alchemists.

As far as I'm aware, that's exactly how the game behaves.