Server Connection was closed or could not be established

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For the last hour. Chrome Windows 10. 2 different laptops


Me too. Extra information if it helps: tried on 4 computers, Linux and Mac, Firefox and Safari, one time on a computer that would not have any previous cookies etc... (had not used it to access before). Tried various reload options. Had been trying Plunder cards yesterday and might have left the computer in the middle of a game yesterday (New Zealand time)... and during playing had found it sometimes difficult to close the popup showing a card's information.




That is usually a temporary condition, where something between you and the server is not working, but which is usually not your PC/router and not on the server. Unfortunately the only advise I can give is to try CTRL-Shift-R on the page (I think Cmd-Shift-R on a Mac) to force a hard reload of everything.