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- some fixes with extra allies
  - automatch: If both players force yes, and neither has a Subscription, they don't match at all. (used to get matched but then unable to start a game).
  - manual table: specifying both allies cards and "extra allies" option wont create duplicates anymore
  - automatch: if both players have "yes and no" to extra allies, the match will now do "yes" (think it was random)
- barbarian in 3+ player games was broken
- preselected young witch with preselected bane-candidates could lead to double kingdom cards, much like the "extra allies" problem mentioned above

- the ratings weren't live updating since the AWS problems this afternoon, but now that should all be working again. No rating results were lost.



This is the first of 3 releases that feature the Seaside 2nd Edition previews.
The preview queue is back, also for non-subscribers, and today it lets you play with 1 new seaside card, 2 old seaside cards and the rest random from all your cards.

Unlike all previous previews, people with subscriptions immediately own the new cards in the game. So you can access those cards and add them to your games in the regular way immediately.

Today 2 cards got removed (Embargo, Ghost Ship) but they're not completely deleted. I've moved them over to a 'fake expansion' called Deprecated. This expansion will grow over time, right now it has only 2 cards. Cards from the Deprecated expansion will never show up at random in any of your games, but you can still hand-pick them.
fix to German translations

bugfix: in the previous build, playing a Chariot Race would freeze the client.


Day two of the Seaside 2e previews.
In a preview game today you get one of {Sea Witch, Sea Chart, Tide Pools}, one of {Blockade, Astrolabe, Monkey} and one random old Seaside card.

also some bugfixes:
- it was possible to play non-actions using ways in some circumstances (Courier, Specialist, Nights)
- Warlord attack prevented using autoplay treasures
- Fellowship of Scribes interacted badly with some cards that allowed you to shrink your handsize with a "delayed action", meaning Artificer, Hamlet and some more obscure combination of cards.
- it was possible to get previewed cards in your kingdom twice if you enabled previews and hand-picked them at the same time.

The final day of Seaside 2e previews.

Today the preview queue will get you one random card of {Sailor, Pirate, Corsair}, one random earlier previewed card from {Astrolabe, Blockade, Monkey, Tide Pools, Sea Witch, Sea Chart}, and one random old Seaside card.

The preview queue will stay up until we do Prosperity 2E previews. The date is still unknown but it isn't far away.

Also one bug fix in this release: the 'Extra Allies' option was hidden two days ago, but people who had it selected in the past were still using it under the hood. Now it's really gone.



Today is the first day of the Prosperity 2E previews. We're deprecating Counting House, Mountebank & Contraband.
Instead you now get to play with three new cards: Magnate, Charlatan, War Chest.

There are also numerous fixes to the client; most notably the card counter updates.
fixing the Charlatan Curse image



Day two of Prosperity 2E. Today we're adding Crystal Ball, Investment & Clerk. They're replacing Venture, Loan & Trade Route.
The autoplays menu looked all weird, and that was fixed in this update

Final day of Prosperity 2E previews. Today you get Tiara, Anvil & Collection. Royal Seal, Talisman & Goons have been deprecated. Also there are some minor functional changes to Hoard, Quarry and Mint.

and a small bugfix: Playing actions having Citadel while under attack of Enchantress/Highwayman would not get you a second play, but certainly should and now will.


The Prosperity 2E Previews are over, and we've removed the preview queue. Instead you now have an option for "Extra 2nd Edition" in both automatch and table options. This works similar to "Extra Allies" and "Extra Menagerie" in the past.

"Extra 2nd Edition" allows you to play rated games, where previews did not. This hopefully helps in getting faster automatches. Another difference is that previews were available to everyone, whereas the extra 2E will only add 2E cards if at least one of the players is a subscriber.

The option defaults to "No"; I suggest you change it to "Yes or No", and if you really like it you could also go for "Yes". If both players in a match have selected "Yes or No", the game will be played with "Yes".

When using this option, the kingdom generator will randomly add 2 cards from the 18 new ones to your kingdom. You can combine it with any other setup rules you like on your custom tables, as long as you keep 2 free spots.


A release with only changes in the client, most notably a new premove-menu.



The first of three releases that bring Hinterlands 2E cards.
Today we're replacing Mandarin, Embassy & Oracle with Weaver, Wheelwright & Witch's Hut

During the 72 hours of the previews, all Hinterlands cards are freely available to everyone, including non-subscribers. This will allow you to set up your own table with the new cards if you want to.

The 'preview vs bot' button will get you a game with 1 new Hinterlands card, 2 old Hinterlands cards and the rest random from your collection.

During the previews, the 'Extra 2nd Edition' option in automatch will get you one random Hinterlands 2E card released on that day, one random older 2E card (from seaside 2E or prosperity 2E or earlier Hinterlands 2E) and the rest random. This will still allow the game to be rated.


I made a mistake with this release, having to restart it ~15 minutes later. In the original version you could get stuck on "Loading Game".

Adding three more Hinterlands 2E cards to the pool: Nomads, Guard Dog & Souk. We deprecated Nomad Camp, Duchess & Cache.

A small fix for cards showing up twice in your kingdom: this could happen if you both forced all the new cards and added "extra 2E". Now you'll get an error instead.


Two fixes:
- Matchmaking was broken in exactly the same way as last previews, sorry about that.
It was possible to search for previews even though it was invisible. This time it had a very visible side effect if you also searched for extra 2E: those cards could show up double. For some people this resulted in unreasonable queue times.
- Souk under WotC broke the game if you already had coins.


This release has the last three cards of Hinterlands previews, but also all the errata mentioned in this post.
When you play a game with cards that got errata, a warning window will pop up.

It includes some fixes for other recent rule changes as well. For example, buying a Villa (&friends) now ends your buy phase, which can be relevant for cards like Merchant Guild or Pageant.


Bridge Troll was bugged; it would keep giving you 1 cost reduction on each of your turns for the rest of the game.