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Extra Turn rewordings
This is a text written by Donald X. about it:

I'm changing 6 of the extra turn cards - but not Seize the Day or Fleet - to just rule out three turns in a row completely. This is apropos of a reprint of Allies, which will also tweak the wording of Elder slightly for clarity. So here are all those texts. These changes can go public whenever; we don't need to tie it to the Allies reprint. Functionally they just lock out three turns in a row from happening, even with multiple kinds of extra-turn things; except, Seize the Day and Fleet aren't changed and could result in a one-time 3rd turn.

Elder: Action - Townsfolk, $5
You may play an Action card from your hand. When it gives you a choice of abilities (with "choose") this turn, you may choose an extra (different) option.

Outpost: Action - Duration, $5
You only draw 3 cards for your next hand. Take an extra turn after this one (but not a 3rd turn in a row).

Possession: Action, $6P
The player to your left takes an extra turn after this one (but not a 2nd extra turn in a row), in which you can see all cards they can and make all decisions for them. Any cards or D they would gain on that turn, you gain instead; any cards of theirs that are trashed are set aside and put in their discard pile at end of turn.

Mission: Event, $4
Take an extra turn after this one (but not a 3rd turn in a row), during which you can't buy cards. (You can still buy Events.)

Voyage: Action - Duration - Odyssey, $4
+1 Action
Take an extra turn after this one (but not a 3rd turn in a row), during which you can only play 3 cards from your hand.

Island Folk: Ally
At the end of your turn, you may spend 5 Favors to take an extra turn after this one (but not a 3rd turn in a row).

Journey: Event, $4
You don't discard cards from play in Clean-up this turn. Take an extra turn after this one (but not a 3rd turn in a row).

Reworking cleanup
I've rewritten most of the cleanup code, fixing some more or less obscure bugs along the way.

* Alchemist could be topdecked when played with e.g. Way of the Pig.
* Merchant Camp could be topdecked when it wouldn't be discarded

prepare & Prince

Prepare playing a Treasure last could clash with other start-of-turn effects, trying and failing to merge the log lines and actually getting the game stuck as a result.


Fixing a recent bug with Reckless/Tireless on a Duration pile (or mouse-Duration) where Reckless would not return the card to its pile.



adds a new promo card Marchland
updated lookup table for ip address -> country (used when you purchase a sub)



* Added "Cornucopia & Guilds", which is the 2nd Edition of the combinatyion of the two old expansions. If you want to read about the card changes, go here

some minor fixes:
log fix: ratcather & enlarge would get their log lines mixed up
log fix: playing Clerk at start of turn looked weird, now a new line "reacts with Clerk, playing it" is also used for Sheepdog and Trail
poollevels fix: Village Green (10->6), Marchland (3->4), Bridge Troll (6->7), Werewolf (8->9)

Adding the automatch queue and table option for "extra 2nd edition" while removing "extra plunder"
Games using this will force 1 of the new 8 cards into your game, and possibly more show up at random.

visual fixes for the ferryman pile:
* if the Ferryman card is a rotating card, like Old Map, you can now click it to rotate.
* if the Ferryman card generates tokens on the pile, like Farmers Market, those tokens will be visible

* fixing magpie gaining magpie when there was no magpie pile (magpie from black market)
* 3+ player games Rewards pile wasn't stacked in the interface.
* Joust discarding province while Encampment returning to the Supply no longer gets the game stuck
* Coronet no longer allows to play Treasures using a Way
* Black Market now has Footpad and Joust on its banned cards list
* Marchland is back