Maybe some cards are in the wrong card pool

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I looked at which cards are in which card pools and which mechanisms are described in which card pool levels by clicking the "View card pools" button on the "Automatch" tab in Dominion Online.
My conclusion is that some cards are in the wrong card pool. So I registered on Shuffle iT to get an answer.

First, "Minion" is a choice card. The choice mechanism is described in the level 3 card pool. However, "Minion" is in the level 2 card pool.

"Bridge Trolls" use the -$1 token. And "Bridge Trolls" is in the level 6 card pool. But the description of Adventure Tokens is in the level 7 card pool.

Similarly, the Reaction mechanism is described in card pool level 5, but "Fool's Gold" and "Market Square" are classified as level 3 card pool and level 4 card pool, respectively.

"Wealthy Village" should be classified as the level 8 card pool, but it is classified as the level 3 card pool.
For this matter, I discovered that DocBob88 has already informed the issue on the forum recently.

"Vagrant" deals with Ruins. It is in the level 8 card pool, but other Looter cards are in the level 9 card pool.

Also, "Hamlet" and "Jester" are classified as level 2 card pools. I'm not sure about this, but they should be in the level 3 card pool because they look like choice cards.

Are these intentional card pool designs, or classifying mistakes?
Any comments on this would be appreciated.


Thanks for your work, platinumWolf!

I guess most of them are mistakes (Wealthy Village, Bridge Troll), for some (like Minion) it may be a matter of choice if the effect is "simple enough" to be in level 2. Same with Fool's Gold, where the reaction is rarely used.

I'll move this forward, maybe some corrections will be made, though I guess Wealthy Village may be problematic, as a move from level 5 or below to a level above will remove it from the Core subscriber's accessable cards.