Why did you change the orginal cards?

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I just noticed that some of the original cards have been changed on this website... I have most of the actual board games... but general of the cards have been changed.

For exmaple,

Many of the original cards have been changed on this website. I own the original board games, and you can see the the card information and features have been changed.



Have changed a lot and have become much more aggressive and over powered.

Why did you do this?

Is there an option to switch it to the origional?



I'm sorry, I really don't understand what exactly you think changed.

Is it the graphical presentation? Or that the cards do things that they don't do in the physical card game?

Warrior and Hero are different cards, and they work the same digitally than in the physical card game. The grpahical representation is slightly different (no artist names on the card, card text may be formatted differently), but IMO nothing mayor.

If you can explain in more detail what changes you are referring to, that would be helpful to understand the problem.


If you click the link I sent you, those are the original cards from Dominion. It's not the graphics, it's their abilities. Now when a player uses HERO it also becomes an ATTACK card.

Unless there is an expansion I'm not aware of?


You are mixing up 2 different cards (Warrior and Hero), which are both part of the Page to Champion Traveler line:

Page -> Treasure Hunter -> Warrior --> Hero --> Champion

When you look both at the names of the links and the images you link to, you see that they refer to different cards, the first link leads to Warrior (which is and always was an attack in the physical game and online). The second link leads to Hero, which in the physical and online version gains you a Treasure.