Stuck on Fortune (x2)

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Lord Voldebot appears to be stuck after playing a Fortune (x2) card - see attached .jpg

Game #116328636 on frankfurt.

The game has not crashed -  it can be successfully reloaded or I can hit undo, but it progresses to the same point and stops completely.

Any ideas?




Just to add, it was possible to undo several times. This made a significant enough change for the dilemma never to occur, and the game could be completed.


The 1 Coffers that the AI had is the problem. When playing Fortune, if you have Coffers, the game asks you if you want to spend them (so they can get doubled, as coin, by Fortune). The AI doesn't "know" how to deal with that question, so it never makes that choice and the game is stuck.


Many thanks for the clear explanation.

Is this issue one of the things that the programmers will focus on, or is it a long way from being fixed...?