Bot AI improvements?

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Why have there seemingly been none for a very long time?
I get it that Bot AI is super complicated, but there are so many simple improvements that could be made.
I'm sure there are a ton of great ideas that are simple, maybe they've already been posted.
I often just cancel a bot game when I see a certain card, because it will be a wasted game, eg. Counterfeit or Tournament.

1. Add a Big Money bot
2. Bots should either never buy Counterfeit, because they always buy as many as they can then they trash all their treasure, or set some basic rules.
3. Bots always buy multiple Tournaments but then never take the Prize.
4. Do bots ever buy Events, Projects, use Ways, or do any calculations with Landmarks?
   maybe pick a couple powerful ones and implement some very basic algorithms
5. Bots seem to buy a Potion whenever they are available even if they don't buy the associated Alchemy card.
6. Bots often buy a Remake or 2 then trash their whole deck.  Also limit the # of Junk Dealers.
7. Jack of All Trades is strong, but is buying 4 of them optimal?
8. They buy one or two Flag Bearers then give up, do they ever trash Flag Bearers?
9. Limit the number of Vault, Bandit Camp, probably others that it never stops buying
10 Does bot ever purchase the discounted Wayfarer or Peddler
11 Maybe just a couple simple times when the Bot will buy 1 Kings Court or Throne Room?


I totally agree with you, but I fear the reality is that it will not happen  :(

Development capacity is limited and past experiences show that this is not something actively pursued.

Note that the Steam version of the game (, which is by a totally different company and totally separate from, has actually an impressive AI. It will not beat the top players, but uses AFAIK all cards and beat the the hell out of me several (allmost all  :-[ ) times.


Yeah, super hard I'm sure, but development time on some of these basic ideas would be pretty minimal.  I guess there's always tradeoffs, and they eat into profits.  Maybe I'll check out the steam version, did not know about it, thanks.


Interesting.  I was not even aware of being able to play on Stream.

Any suggestions on how to get it to work? 
-Installed Stream successfully.
-clicked on Play at the site you linked to. 

Nothing happens after that.  (Waited 5 full minutes)

Using desktop computer.  PC, Windows 10.  Firefox, latest update.


Did you make a user account for Steam?

Then you should go to the game page on Steam itself, best option is to use the Steam search function and click "Play the game" there. You may need to make a user account for the game itself (for the games of the company making that implementation, you can usually use that user account on Android and Apple versions they make as well).

As with shuffle iT, the base game is free, you need to buy expansions (which are permanent there) to have access to them.

I mainly used it while testing for Plunder, and as I wrote, the AI beat me almost all of the time. I can't really say how person to person games work.


If you have already bought extensions at the old goko dominion, then you get the extensions for free... Just use the same email adress or send the support your bill...