Can't discard with sword under Posession

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I possessed another player. His hand has a Possession--which I don't play, to avoid him Posessing me. I play all the other cards in his hand except the Possession, with Sword (treasure) last. Sword requires that "each other player discards down to 4 in hand". Since I am playing the "other player" under my possession, he no longer has enough cards for me to discard him down to 4. He only has the unplayed Possession in his hand. So the game is in a impasse. I can't discard the "other player" down to 4, and nobody can proceed. See attached screen grab.


You are slightly misunderstanding what the holdup is. The important thing to always keep in mind when you Possess someone is that you are not playing with your opponent's hand. Your opponent is playing, it's just that all the choices come from you.

1) The game is not waiting for the Possessed player (which you are controling) to discard down to to 4 cards. If a player plays Sword, they are never forced to discard down to 4 as well (Sword reads: ... Each other player discards ...", note the "other").

2) The game is waiting for the real "you" to discard down to 4 cards! Your opponent played a Sword, so you have to discard (if you have more than 4 cards in hand). If you look at the screenshot, you see in the top right "your" cards are visible and have a yellow border, indicating you have to make a choice.

3) So what you need to do now is choose which card to discard. If you can clearly see the cards, you can click on one of them from the view you have in the screenshot. You can also click on your name in the info box in the top right. That makes you "switch places", so you can see your own hand as you normally do when you are not possessing someone. This shows the cards bigger, and is likely necesseray if you have many cards in hand.