Harbor Village on Clerk

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In my game -- no. 117749218 --, specifically on turns 9 and I2 (possibly among others), I thought I was not getting the expected money bonus from the Harbor Village. On each of those turns I was playing the HB before a Clerk. I understand that the coin bonus would not have been due if I had taken the option of playing the Clerk at the very beginning of the action phase, but I specifically chose to be spending an action in order to get the coin.
Unless I'm missing something or cannot count, which is possible. But I tried to check it a few times.


Harbor Village reads

After the next Action you play this turn, if it gave you +$, +$1.
[emphasis mine]

In both turns 9 and 12, you played a Hideout in between Harbor Village and Clerk. Hideout didn't give you +$, so Harbor Village didn't either.

Note that since you already had played the Harbor Village and had 2 Actions afterwards, you could have immediately played the Clerk in both cases, gotten the additional +$1 from Harbor Village, then continued with the Hideout. So switching the order of those 2 cards would have given you the +$1 from Harbor Village.


Wow! Thanks so much! I thought that the reading was basically the same as in "the next time you play an Action Card that gives you +coins, etc." . Didn't think that the card giving you extra coins must follow the HB directly.
Thanks again. And sorry to be an unnecessary bother -- again.