Issues of turn/randomness

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Hello, I'm playing Dominion and I've been behind the same opponent 5 times in a rowEven though the first mover had an advantage, the shuffle resulted in a double bottom (in 3 out of 5 games, the purchase card from the first week was at the bottom of the deck).
Does the shuffle really keep randomness and fairness?
To be honest, I'm not convinced by the words that randomness and probability converge.Also, Dominion itself is too disadvantageous on the draw due to the increase in card power, so please take some relief measures.

no expansions

what do you mean? You think the developer put additional logic in the code to make the shuffle unfair for you?
It's the same random shuffle for everyone


I have a feeling that basic members are

- 80% start the game at second player
- getting bought action cards 1-2 rounds later
- getting stupid card constellations
- getting money , eg. 7 mostly useless, or 4 when there are no cards with 4