Viewing the log from a previous game?

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It seems like this ought to be a feature, but I can't figure out how to do it.  After a game is over, and I have pressed the "game ended" button, I want to go back to see how the game played out.  Most often this is because I want to see what my opponent did that worked so well when he beat me.  Maybe there were cards I though of as weak, but I didn't see.  During the game, things are going so fast that I rarely even see what he's doing, beuond playing some long string of cards, but sometimes I would like to see if his selection of opening cards was different than mine, but gave him a leap out of the gate.

So.....can it be done?


There is a feature that allows game to be reloaded. You can reload it at the start, the middle or at the very end.

If you relaod the game at the end, you can read the whole log and see what they played when. You can take the seat of your opponent, and then you can read what they drew. You can undo to a certain turn and replay it for your opponent.

To do all that, first choose "New Table" (at the position where "My Table" is in the picture), then click on "Load Old Game":

Then you have to fill in the game number (which you need to save from your original game), add a bot in place of the opponent and click on "Load from End".

Once that is done, you can choose the role of which player you want to take. The game does an initial choice, but you can change your position using the arrows:

At the end, you have to click the usual "Ready button" to start the game (which will in this case be situated right before it ended)