Possession + Spell Scroll + Cursed

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Joining game #126264361 on frankfurt.

While Possessing my opponent, I played a Spell Scroll to gain a Cursed "Swap" action card.  After gaining the card, the curse, and the loot, the game stuck saying it was "waiting for Yardbird" (me) even though I was in the middle of playing my opponent's turn.  I assume it was trying to ask me to play the Swap that I just gained from Spell Scroll, but there was no dialog or option for me to play it.  I tried switching to my perspective by clicking my name, but it still said "Waiting for Yardbird".


Yes, if anything prevents a card to be gained by the Spell Scroll player, that will confuse the game and result in the scenario you described  :(

It can happen if a card is gained, but by another player (in your case, due to Possession) or if no card is cheaper (with extreme cost reductuion).