Client cannot connect to server when logging in

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Whenever I go to on my laptop, it gives an error of "Server connection was closed or could not be established."

Currently, I have tried the following to fix this:
  • Clear cache/cookies
  • Use a different browser
  • Restart router
  • Use different network

Changing devices fixes the issue; changing anything else on this device does not.

Looking in the browser's console, it says that the error is because the client could not connect to wss://

Is this a documented issue, or should I try to find the solution on my own?


That is usually a condition that goes away "after some time". You did a very thorough check of things to do, it looks like something on your device is (hopefully only momentarily) causing the connection to fail.

Did you change/start to use antivirus software or VPN software recently? Those need or want to embed themselves in the local network handling and can cause errors.