Highwayman didnt applay debuff

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in the game #130988293 the higway man didnt aplied its debuff to the opponetnt in turn 15 fo Stubsdich. My opponent had no Lighthouse in play, the attack of the Tortorer worked fine.


Thanks for the report, Stubsdich!

However, I don't see the bug. On your turn 15, you played Highwayman and Torturer (to which opponent discarded). On their next turn (15), they were affected by Highwayman:

L plays a Copper. (+$1)
    L plays Copper (nullified by Highwayman).
L plays a Silver and 2 Coppers. (+$4)

And the Province they bought can be explained with the $ they got from 2x Lighthouse and 2x Conspirator before in their turn.