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conspirator errata

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the current version of conspirator online triggers the bonus portion of the card, "if you've played 3 or more actions this turn". in one game, one of my actions was a horse and when i played conspirator as my 3rd action, my action phase was terminated.

either the card needs to change or the online mechanic does.



I assume you are referring to your game vs. Strudelteig on November 7th. In that game you could not activate the bonus portion of Conspirator once (turn 10).

You had a Dungeon in play from last turn, handled that at the start of your turn, then played a Horse, then the Conspirator.

The Conspirator was only the 2nd Action card you had played that turn, so it did not activate its bonus. The Dungeon was in play, but was not played this turn. Doing it's start of turn effect is not considered playing it. That left the Horse and the Conspirator as "played ... Actions this turn".