Frozen screen after winning a game

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Hi everybody

It happened to me 4 times in the last two weeks: After winning a game, the "game is over" message shows up as usual. It does not move to the score screen by clicking.

The Console (Firefox) says:
- Disconnecting from gameserver...
followed by an error message (that I unfortunately did not copy, next time i will) saying "you need to be logged in". I tried opening a new tab and I was logged out indeed. I logged in again in the new tab, went back to the first tab and clicked again. Nothing happened, in the Console the "Disconnecting from gameserver" keeps showing up on every click on "OK" but nothing more.

In the end the (won) game does not affect my points and ranking. Happend only after vicories, that's why it could theoretically be a cheat by certain opponents, but I defenitly doubt that.

Any ideas? Does this happen to others too?

Thank you.

Here is the game that was not rated: #134084508


That is an unfortunte side effects of the server restarting (usually twice a day). Your game results have not been lost, they will be taken into account on the next ratings update (around UTC midnight each day).