Enabling automatic undo for obvious mistakes

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I had a colony next to a curse and accidentally trashed the colony - opponent denied the undo. I explained in the chat what the error was and they just denied it again until the game timed out so they could win by default. I blocked the opponent, but it's not the first time this has happened. I totally get denying the undo when the opponent is misusing it, eg they have drawn cards, but when it's an obvious error it should not have to be up to the opponent who will often just deny it to get an easy win. Obviously I hadn't meant to trash a colony. Is there a way to enable an auto-undo when it's an obvious mistake, like there is for undoing treasures played in your buy phase - eg if you trash a card on an optional trash action, you can auto-undo?


The problem is for a computer to decide what an "obvious mistake" is. I trashed at least Provinces before by intent, either to Remodel them into a new Province or to draw cards with it from Apprentice.

What has been discussed, but not implemented are "no new info" undos, where the effect to undo did not give you info you didn't have before. That would have worked if the trashing effect was say Remodel or Forager, but not if it was Apprentice (because you'd seen the drawn cards).

Unfortunately, I don't think there are plans to implement that version either in the forseeable future..