Flagship + Urchin + Moat

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I put out a Flagship on a prior turn.  In a later turn, I played Urchin and my opponent reacted with Moat.

The Urchin didn't get replayed, and Flagship stayed in my active area until the next turn.

A turn or two later, I played Urchin again, he played Moat, and the Flagship again didn't activate, but stuck around.  On yet another turn, he finally didn't have a Moat, so then the Urchin replayed.

Joining game #135048626 on ohio.   <-- the game in question


Thanks for the report, nombex!

I looked at the game, and while I did find the "Urchin vs. Moat" situation several times, the game always worked as it should.

On turn 10, your Flagship really replayed your Urchin, you draw 2 cards and got +2 Actions total. If your opponent is using autoplay to reveal the Moat, you might not have realised that, as the result would happen as fast as your animation setting allows.

You then played a Flagship you drew, and used it to play a Witch twice (here the +2 Actions for Urchin are relevant, otherwise you would have been out of Actions after playing Flahship).

At end of turn, both Flagships got discarded. You still had a Cuthroat out, maybe that was giving you the wrong impression on your opponent's turn with 1 card being shown in play for you.

On turn 13, you played an Urchin that was Moated, but you had no Flagship out at that point (you had 2 out starting the turn before and they both replayed a Witch on that turn). Afterwards you played a Flagship that you had just drawn, and it stayed in play for later turns.

Turn 15 started with 2 Flagships in play and they both replayed your (this time not Moated) Urchin, for a total of +3 Cards, +3 Actions and opponent discarding once.

So all looks ok from my point of view.