Game 'freezes' when opponent resigns

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no expansions

After the opponent resigns, there's no response when I click on 'OK' and have no option to continue the game with bots. The page just becomes unresponsive. When I refresh it takes me back to the homescreen matchmaking page instead of the previous game.

windows 11
firefox 116.0.3 (64-bit)


You know, I never noticed that this was associated with resigns. I made another thread as there's also other network like issues and game glitches that are occurring in a similar vein. But I am definitely experiencing this too. As are many of my opponents.

I generally on the Brave Browser and updated every time it's there so I don't even know what version it is but it doesn't matter because it's been going on for weeks


If there are special problems after a player resigns, that would be news to me. Your posting time (assuming you experienced that shortly before posting) would be compatible with the interpretation that it is "just" the normal server switch at 7PM UTC. See my reply to your other question for more information.


I've just had this happening to me in a ranked game.
And guess what, my rating before was the same after.
So the opponent resigns, the game is frozen and the rating is unchanged.
This seems to me a lot like the opponents are doing this on purpose.
Should be easy to reproduce, for example, resign and disconnect internet immediately after or something like that...

Requires invetigation because it happened a lot to me, and now I have understood why.


Hi Wem,

was that game that ended this way vs. "Chilled_Kroete"?

If that's the case, the correct rating will be visible starting ca. midnight UTC Oct. 19th to 20th. Those games are recorded, the server switch is making them 'invisible' to the new version.