Reckless Coin of the Realm

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I just had a game with a bug that screwed up my whole strategy. Reckless says that the specified card is returned to its pile when it is discarded from play. In this game the Coin of the Realm was reckless. And the Coin of the realm is never discarded from play, its own text says that it is placed on the tavern mat when it is played. So Recklessness shouldn't have had any effect at all. But the game returned it to its pile. It messed up my whole strategy. I'm not a hundred percent sure which way the game designers intended it to work, but the text is clear, and the code should be written to align with the text.


It's incorrect to say that Coin of the Realm is never discarded from play.  Are you sure that your Coin of the Realm wasn't returned to its pile when it was discarded from play after you had called it from the Tavern mat?


Looking at your most recent game, which has a Reckless Coin of the Realms, dane is correct.

In turn 22 you called a Coin of the Realm (for the first time this game) and played a Stonemason after that. Then, during Cleanup, the Coin was discarded and returned to it's pile. As dane explained, that the Coin is discarded in that circumstance is correct and normal behaviour.