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Masterpiece overpay

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Hey everyone,

I think I found a bug.

I was fooling around with Masterpiece and that event that costs $6, gains 2 silvers and gives you +1VP/silver gained. I wanted to buy masterpiece overpay and then the event, but I could only overpay the maximum amount of money I had ($8) or nothing at all. So it was impossible for me to buy the event after masterpiece if I overpayed or I could overpay zero and have essentially no use from buying masterpiece.

I hope that's clear?


What device were you playing on? Presumably touch screen?


Surprisingly no, it was Mac/Mozilla


Tested with me/faust/Adrian again. I'm ok (Chromium/Mac), faust is ok (Win10, Moz), Adrian's slider seems to be invisible (Mac/Moz). Adrian will attach a screenshot.



image upload no registration[/img]

Ok, so there is a slider (the white button). It's just not obvious it's a slider. Once you know that you can move the button, it's clear. But I assume there are better colordifferences on other devices/browsers?