Registration email went to spam... SOLUTION

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Hertz Doughnut


Excited to be a part of the beta!

Not a huge deal, but just wanted to let you know that my registration email did go to spam, and here's how to solve that:

Use MailGun.

Your first 10,000 emails/month are free.  After that it's $0.00050 per email.  This helps your spam issues quite a bit and gives you lots of email tracing information.  Not too hard to set up.  Definitely worth it when you have the time to implement.


You are talking about forum registration email, right?

The game email registration didn't go to spam?

Hertz Doughnut

Correct. The forum email went to spam. Game email went to my inbox.

Also, is it necessary to have 2 registrations? What if the game registration automatically worked for the forum? (Low priority)

Keep up the great work!