Game freezed and crashed later during game

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Mysticspirale and I played a pretty normal game, when somehow mystics interface got stuck.
He could not buy anything while having 13 coins, so we tried to /undo.
Somehow we lost more than one turn, dropped back from turn 2x to turn ~16.
We continued playing and everything was fine till turn 21, when mystics interface got stuck again. He could not do anything and it said "waiting for mysticspirale" for me. So Mysticspirale left and rejoined.
Now he was at turn 16 again, i was still at turn 21.
My view:

His view:

/undo x didnt work for us, and /undo brought the points in the logs for me, but I could not go back in time.
Lalight tried to join to help us. He could enter the lobby, but could not join, beeing stuck with a loading screen.
I logged out and did "kick&resign", which succesfully removed me from game. I joined back as spectator, but could not join the game itself. So Mysticspirale also did "kick&resign".

I hope I got everything right.


Yeah, thank you. One more: after I got stuck in the loading page, I refreshed and tried to join the game once more. I joined it, but i remained in the lobby. So i could see the chat and talk to players, but still being in the lobby.