Permanent, no online?

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As part of the transition, it was mentioned two options would be available:  1 year of gold service, or access to bots only in perpetuity with whatever cards we had purchased.

Soo....where's the 'bots only' option?  It seems I've been shuffled into the 1 year of gold service, when all I really want to do is blow some steam off with bots.


The offline version isn't done yet, so everyone's been stuck into the online subscription option for now.

Can one of the developers comment a bit more on exactly what the process will be? Long-term, I want the offline version for all sets. I'm currently subscribed to everything but Empires (from the MF transfer). If I subscribe to Gold now (to add Empires to my account), will I be able to transfer everything over to "offline" later in the year?


Yes, see here:

(Not sure wether you will be able to transfer Empires)