Nothing shows on my screen!

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I received the email and actually tried both links.  I see a castle and then a spinning circle and then just a blank screen!  I've copied the link and pasted it into my address bar; I have typed the url in and still just a black screen!  Any suggestions?

I finally got it to work on my PC by downloading Chrome, which I didn't want to do, but it works on Chrome.

Will You be supporting IE in the future?


I have exactly the same problem and I see that others do as well. While I can see that having nothing going on for a long time is a good simulation of life in a quasi medieval environment, it was not what I was expecting.  Please can we have some response from those who have developed this new version of a much loved game, at this point I can't see anything positive in moving away from MF although that may be in part because i can't see anything at all.


Please consult our currently supported systems and devices:

If it's not working on a supported system, please specify your OS and browser (incl. versions).


I assume you are trying to access the site on an iPad.
Currently, this is not possible. Since it did work during the beta, I'd expect this issue to be resolves soon.