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After the recent interface updates, I no longer see how to modify my card lists. When I go to "Customize Options --> Cardlists", the interface doesn't work and I only see a string that includes "ctrl.title".

Making this issue worse, the update seems to have scrambled my card lists, some of my card lists changed. For example, Bounty Hunter appeared out of nowhere on my disliked list.

I logged in on Chrome (on a PC).
Other Bugs / Two Groom kingdom piles
31 May 2021, 03:28:27 PM
There are two Groom kingdom piles (out of ten kingdom card supply piles). Only one Groom pile can be bought or gained! Game #78054167 on tokyo.

I was using "extra menagerie" and had required Groom in the Kingdom.
General Discussion / Re: Releases
20 July 2020, 11:42:20 PM
Just wanted to chime in that the placement of "end actions" and "end buys" has been worsened substantially. Please move them out of the way!
Feature Requests / Re: Link to rule books
18 April 2020, 04:25:26 AM
Quote from: AdamH on 06 April 2020, 01:28:34 PM
What the client really needs is an in-game tutorial that shows you not only the rules of the game, but where to go in-client to find a lot of the information that isn't in obvious places (ideally the client would have everything in obvious places but maybe that isn't possible?). Rulebook links may be a decent reference but honestly I don't think links to rulebooks solve the problem here.

Unfortunately, a tutorial has been on the to-do list since the client launched a few years ago and there have been no whispers at all of any progress on that front. A while ago I did the next best thing and offered a quick video to the devs which shows where things are in the client, but unfortunately the devs didn't even bother to reply to that submission.

So as good of an idea it is to improve the new player experience, and as desperately as the client needs something like a tutorial to help new players, it looks like they are just not interested in improving the client in the one single way that would do the most. Sorry :-(

If you could post that video on your Youtube channel (even a bit out of date), I'd really appreciate it. I have been considering trying to play online with friends who have only played Dominion a few times, but the un-intuitiveness of the client has stopped me from trying. An interface tutorial video would help.
When I have Livery in play and gained Province or Duchy, I was asked whether I wanted to resolve Livery first or to discard them from Exile, even though I had the "don't ask me to discard bad cards from Exile" autoplay on (under auto play for "Province"). Game #39399259.
Card Bugs / Re: Crown auto-play no longer works
04 October 2019, 07:29:13 AM
Quote from: Ingix on 03 October 2019, 09:25:45 AM
1) If you have Villagers, the game thinks you might want to convert them to Actions, so doesn't auto-advance to the buy phase

Thank you!  I think this is what was happening, I just never noticed it before the recent update.  If Crown is the only action in your hand, outside of Diadem (or the typically-banned Possession) I can't see any reasonably common situation where you'd want to stay in the Action phase in order to use Villagers.  So I'd suggest that Auto Play for Crown move to the buy phase regardless of whether you have Villagers. 

Coin on the Realm is a little bit different, because you might want to call it so that you can play it for $1 in a future turn, even if there's no use of the actions right now.     
Since the recent large update, the "end actions phase" auto play for Crown does not seem to be working.

Edit: what was happening is "1) If you have Villagers, the game thinks you might want to convert them to Actions, so doesn't auto-advance to the buy phase".
Thanks for the errata, this confusing interaction will soon work differently:

The new wording for Lantern is: Border Guards you play reveal 3 cards and discard 2. (It takes all 3 being Actions to take the Horn.)

Thank you! I didn't realize.
I was playing Captain as Border Guard, with the Horn, and it only revealed 2 cards. Playing Border Guard worked fine to reveal 3 cards. Game #29417160 on frankfurt

J plays a Border Guard.
J gets +1 Action.
J shuffles their deck.
J reveals a Bazaar and a Patron.
J gets a Coffers from Patron.
J puts a Bazaar into their hand.
J discards a Patron.
J plays a Captain.
J plays a Border Guard.
J gets +1 Action.
J reveals a Graverobber and a Patron.
J gets a Coffers from Patron.
J puts a Graverobber into their hand.
J discards a Patron.
Quote from: IceHot on 30 July 2019, 09:51:28 PM
Or perhaps an option to not match with people who have cards on their banned lists that can be found on my favorite list.

That's a great suggestion.  Right now, automatch ignores favorite cards completely, and this would be a useful option to add.

From the announcement thread (
QuoteIf you play the usual automatic game, the lists of banned and non-liked cards will be respected, but the list of favorite cards will be ignored.
General Discussion / Re: Spending Villagers - edgecases
17 December 2018, 05:03:56 PM
Quote from: Ingix on 25 September 2018, 09:03:30 PM
As Markus wrote elsewhere, the requirement to confirm "End Actions" in all the cases where you have Villagers but no use case as with Diadem was a much bigger nuisance. Due to cards like Venuture, the Diadem might not even be in your hand for it to be relevant.

People have different ideas what to do about this, we'll see what will be implemented until the full release.

When I have Diadem in hand, the game still goes straight from my actions phase to my buy phase when I have no more actions, so it doesn't give me a chance to spend Villagers.

Quote from: Stef on 25 September 2018, 09:10:06 AM
- If you're in your action phase and nothing else is currently happening (= you're not in the middle of playing some card) you can click the villager icon in the status bar to use a villager.

Thanks for this tip. However, if I hadn't come to this thread, I wouldn't have had any idea that I could do this, because it's not documented anywhere (or an option that I can envision using in any other situations).
When people do this, they get banned after a short time. And banned players don't count in the rankings. So save your time and resign.  Once they are banned the game won't count on your ranking anyway.
The changes are great. One infrequent but major interface issue still outstanding is:

QuoteNo card distinction: The game fails to visually distinguish cards in the same zone that have the same name, but are for various reasons not equivalent for game purposes. Examples include cards already played this turn by a Necromancer (face down IRL) or cards that are to be selected for some of several Cleanup phase effects, as created by Prince, Scheme or Travellers. Similiarly, copy cards like Overlord or Band of Misfits may need to be distinguished from other instances of cards they copy (it doesn't matter in which order 2 Treasuries are topdecked, but it may matter if one of them is an Overlord).

I just had a game where I had a Peasant and played an Overlord as a Peasant, and there was no way to tell in the interface which one was the Overlord imitating a Peasant and which was an actual Peasant, so I didn't know which one to exchange for a Soldier!