HTTPS for the forum

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I think that this forum should be moved to HTTPS now that it will be used to arage games for tournament with real money prize pool.

Probaby a lot of people use same password here and on


I have to say I was about queasy about signing up on a forum without HTTPS. I would hope that people would have realized the forum didn't have it and would not reuse their game account password, but I realize that not everyone is a web developer and/or a regular user of a password manager.

There's nothing like a flagship tournament being derailed by account compromises and fake match reports.



I strongly agree too and am a bit shocked this thread hasn't gotten more replies.


Yes, please force this forum to be secured.


I feel dumb for not noticing this forum wasn't using HTTPS. I strongly agree with the sentiment to have this forum moved to HTTPS. I did not reuse a password for this forum at least (yeah, password managers are handy).