Announcing Streams with Commentary

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The Semifinals are happening this weekend!

In 12 hours from this post (Sunday, 0UTC), Mercury and SamE will determine the first finalist of the tournament. Commentary will be provided funkdoc and  possibly deadlock39.

The second semifinal will be held tomorrow, 20UTC, which is roughly 32 hours from this post. Dan Brooks will be facing off jsh which will be commentated by Burning Skull and markus.

As always, the streams will run here:


3rd place match will happen tomorrow, 19.30UTC. That is in 20,5 hours from this post. Jsh and Skies will be playing for 100€ of prize money!

The stream is in the same place as it always is, Qvist and E.Honda will be providing commentary.

Also, a quick heads-up: The final will be On Saturday 3UTC (Friday night for America), but a proper announcement will follow.

Mic Qsenoch

At long last the field has been culled from 389 entrants down to two remaining competitors. Along the way we learned a valuable lesson: people who are good at Dominion do well in Dominion tournaments. In the end our #2 and #4 seeds face off for the crown.

This Friday night (or Saturday morning), at 3 UTC / 10 EST / 7 PST come watch Dan Brooks (2) and Mercury444F (4) compete for the €500 prize!

The match will be streamed at with commentary from breppert, aku_chi, and myself.