Phantom Royal Carriage asks to be called

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Game #9674342

Both of us were asked if we wanted to call a Royal Carriage that we didn't have, after calling all of the Royal Carriages we did have. Image shows what the log looked like; it didn't do the usual indentation on the phantom carriage. Should be reproducible if you load the game at decision 145 (immediately resigning shows that I only had 2 Royal Carriages).


Definitely messed up. The Royal Carriages appear to be multiplying or something.

I had 5 on my mat, and I was able to call something like 15 of them (on my Bridge!).

See the last turn for Game 9677808.


Thanks for reporting the problem, a change in 1.3.6. seens to have unintended consequences if more than 1 of certain reserve cards are on the Tavern Mat. The strange indention is reinforcing the emerging pattern.