easier workflow for Bot game with Nocturne cards??

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Right now, it's a complicated series of steps to play a game that includes the Nocturne cards.

What I am doing:
1.  At matching page, click on "Nocturne Preview," to select this option.  Then click on bot game.  Game will start with Lord Rat, of course.  But no Nocturne cards are ever included at this point.
2.  Immediately resign.
3.  Resignation takes you to the start page (ie, if you hit Ready, you'll start a new game with Lord Rat.)  On this page, on the left side, is the message: "Nocturne Preview: False"
4.  Click on "Edit Table"
5.  At new page; click on "Advanced Options"
6.  Again click on Nocturne Preview, to select it.
7.  Click on "Ready"

This takes you to a bot game, and there now will be Nocturne cards.  But there really should be an easier way, right??   :(


You can create a table directly (using the option under the "new table" tab). Then just select the "Nocturne preview" option, and add a bot.