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So i have all expansions except Nocturne.  Why can't I host a game with all of my expansions? Looks like i need other player to have the same...



No, I don't think so.  (Unless they've changed the rules very recently) only one of the two (or more) players needs the set or sets you want to use.  Since you have all but one; you should be able to host games with "your" cards.  Can you walk through the steps you take in order to create a table?  I presume that when you play a 'bot game against Lord Rat you get kingdoms that use all the sets you've paid for, yes? 

(If not, then you may not have correctly toggled on your sets in the "Familiar Cards" tab.)


I have tried checking and unchecking the familiar box. Attempted to play with my son. So I tried every combo and we always got Base set


 . . . and when you play a test game, with Lord Rat???


Oh yeah; you did not mention going into your Familiar Cards tab and selecting the kingdoms and/or cards you want to play with.  I presume that you want to go into that tab, select all the cards from all the kingdoms you've paid for, and then have the game randomly select from that expanded universe of cards, yes?

Did you do that step?


Hi, bremerbrad

first thing to check would be if you actually own the expansions you think you own (the free expansions for owners of expansions on Making Fun expired). Go into the "Account" tab and look at the boxes presented to the left. If they are colored, you own them. If they are grey, you don't own them. If you are right about what you own, everything should be colored, except for the Nocturne box.

Assuming that checks out, let's try to start a game without respecting familiar cards. Go to "New Table", then click "Create Table". You should be listed as host on the right side of the screen. Click "Advanced options" (the right-most button of the three below) and make sure that the checkbox for "Respect familiar cards" is unchecked. Go back by clicking "Basic Options".

Now the fast thing to do would be as josh suggested and just start a game against Lord Rattington by clicking "Add bot", then "Ready". If you want to play against your son, you can alternatively wait until he joins the game. Now you should have a Kingdom that is randomly selected  from all cards you own, so should not consist of Base cards only.

If you actually own all cards (besides Nocturne) and still only get base cards in a game on a table that I described above, please post again, so we do more tests.