Dominion League Season 27

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Hello everyone!

If you like playing focused, high-quality Dominion Online matches, you'll love the Dominion League. In the league, everyone is split into 5-6-player divisions with similar-caliber players, and everyone plays six games against everyone else in their division. If you win the most, you move up to the next tier of divisions, and if you lose, you move down.

We make an effort to keep the barrier to entry low, so anyone can join the league. You don't need a ton of time to play, just a couple of hours a week on average. You also don't need to be high up on the leaderboard to join, since we'll put you in a division that's appropriate for your skill level. And finally, you don't even need an active subscription to all the expansions, although most players have one.

League matches are also a particularly nice way to get more involved in the online Dominion community, as players frequently announce their upcoming matches on the Upcoming Matches Calendar. Spectators, often including some top players, will frequently chat about the boards and strategies of the players and can offer tips to them afterwards, if solicited. If you're unsure whether the League is for you, feel free to spectate any of the matches advertised there to get a feel for what it's like!

New seasons start about every other month, and the next, Season 27, is starting in early April. Go here to sign up!


Has anybody had success registering on
I can't seem to get past the "prove you're a human" question of "How much does gold cost?"
Very frustrating! I wish they'd just use Google's reCaptcha instead.


Doh! I was being dense! The question is how much does gold cost within the game, not real life! =:-)
It still took me many attempts to find a version of the text validation that I could actually read, so I still wish they'd use reCaptcha instead.


PLease sign me up for season 27 . 
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