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Autoplays is a feature that can make decisions for you. Some questions the gameserver asks you are a bit boring, and you (almost?) always want to answer them in the same way anyway.

At the moment we implemented 24 autoplay options that you can change under the "options" tab. What you select there is saved in the database and used as your starting settings for every game you play. You can also change the settings during a game, by right-clicking a card. Changes you make during a game are for that game only.

By default almost all autoplays settings are off, because the default settings have to consider beginners. Having a Moat magically reveal itself would be bad if you don't fully understand Moat yet. However, I expect the players that do know all the cards will want to turn most of them on (go to "options" and click "convenient settings").

There is more extensive documentation available about the individual autoplay cards & their options (english german japanese russian)

Clean-up autoplays
Some autoplays are grouped under Clean-up autoplays, and instead of making a decision for you directly they allow you to specify a default. If all cards you have in play have a default selected, the entire "plan your cleanup" question is skipped. For example, if you play Page and have its autoplay setting at "Default is Exchange", the game will automatically exchange it for a Treasure Hunter for you during Cleanup.

Tips on using autoplay
For most settings, you just want to use the "convenient settings" and never look back.
However, sometimes you want to change them at the start of a game or during a game. Here are some examples:
Urchin starts off, and I keep it that way until I have however many Mercenaries I want to have. Then change it to "Never trash"
Moat stops attacks, but in some kingdoms you (sometimes) want to be attacked. In those games I just turn it off and make all the decisions manually.
Disciple and Warrior start "off", but I usually change them to "default keep" when I think I have enough Teachers and/or Champions.
I'll stop here but for all autoplays you can come up with some edge case where you want to turn it off.

Not changing questions
The autoplayer is very cautious about the questions it answers. For example the autoplay for "Coin of the Realm" only tries to answer the literal question "Do you want to call Coin of the Realm". Sometimes the game will ask a more complicated question like "You may play an action from your hand, or call coin of the realm". In those cases the autoplayer will simply do nothing - it can't answer the question, and it also won't strip the part about coin of the realm out.

Shared setting
Royal Seal, Tracker and Travelling Fair use one combined setting. The menu under "options" lists this shared setting as "Royal Seal"