can no longer log in

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username on the Dominion site: santamonica811

Problem started yesterday.
When I try to log in, I just get an endless spinning wheel, along with a "connected to gameserver" message.

I tried shutting down my browser (Firefox, newest version).  No luck.
Tried rebooting my computer.  No luck.  But . . .
... Tried using a different browser (Chrome).  This DID work.

But I would obviously prefer to not have to open a separate different browser just to play one particular online game.  Can you fix this problem for me? (or tell me what I am supposed to do to fix your online bug)?  Has anyone else had this odd issue suddenly crop up?

Thanks in advance for anyone's help.


Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

Not sure if it will make any difference, but worth a try.


Thanks Junk.
That did work.  I have no idea WHY it worked...but it did.  :-)

Much appreciated suggestion.