1 or 2 extra turns? Seize/Day, plus Fleet. (Also, when 2+ players have Fleet)

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In a game with both of Seize the Day and also Fleet:

If I earlier bought Fleet (therefore reserving that extra turn for me at the end of the game), and then--on my last turn (also the last turn of the game)--I use one of my buys on this turn to activate Seize The Day. . .  what happens?

Do I get both of the extra turns I have paid for?  Or only one extra, for some reason?


Somewhat related question.  Supposed my opponent also had bought Fleet earlier.  I know he also gets an extra turn.  But how is the order set?  Often (usually, I think), I'd want to use my extra turn first, with the hope of emptying out one or more additional piles.  But sometimes it would be to my advantage to let the other guy go first--in games especially with alternative VP, where I might really want to know how aggressively to play my extra hand(s), and I'd obviously want to know my opponent's final score...and not his final-except-for-the-extra-Fleet-scoring hand.  Does the person who emptied the 3rd pile/Province get to choose the order?  Or does that player automatically finish up his hand by taking any extra turn(s).  If so, I assume it would then go in clockwise order, assuming 3+ players had bought Fleet, yes?


1) You get your Seize the Day extra turn, then the rounds of extra turns due to Fleet start (including yours at the end).

2) Let's assume the turn that would have ended the game (without Fleet) is a normal turn, from player X (I'm not sure how it works if that turn was an extra turn). Then all remaining non-Fleet extra turns happen (like in your first example for Seize the Day), then the round of extra Fleet turns happens, starting with the player to the left of player X, and going in turn order until it reaches player X, who has the last turn.
Of course, each player only gets an extra turn if they had actually bought Fleet when that "last except for Fleet turn" of player X was over.

In your second example, I assume no Seize the Day, just you and your opponent, both having bought Fleet earlier. If you "end the game" (except for Fleet), then your opponent gets his Fleet turn first, then you get your Fleet turn second, then the game really ends.