Cannot Play with Events, Landmarks, Projects, etc

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Since the addition of Plunders I am unable create my own table and use Events, Landmarks, Projects, etc when playing with Bots. Even when playing with all sets on Card Pool Level 10, none of the above are randomly added to my Kingdom. If I try to force these effects, I get an "Internal Error".

I am playing on Chrome using Windows 10.


That shouldn't happen, of course.

1) My first guess would be that your Complete Subscription ran out, unrelated to the Plunder release.

2) Maybe you are using some settings that prevent that. Can you post a screenshot of the "My table" view (Kingdom Options and Game Options) just before you press ready? That would either point to something, or rule that out.


Thank you for your answer. It seems I had by accident bought the core subscription, instead of the complete subscription. So I still got cards from sets other than the basic set, but did not get Events, Landmarks and so on.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


It happens.  :)

I now have access to the subscription information, so the next time someone asks a similar question, I can do the subscriptin check myself.


I cannot play Event, Landmarks, etc.

Your Subscription
Core subscription:
Complete subscription:


Hallo djennings,

while your Core subscription (Cards of Level 1-5) is running for almost 2 years from now, your Complete subscription has run out roughly a week before now.

All the landscape cards are level 6-10, which explains why you can't play with them (unless another player on the table has them).

If you buy a Complete subscription now, the money you spent on the Core subscription will be taken into account (for the overlapping time).