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I know a couple of these are not part of the original rules, but they are easily implemented with the physical game and are used frequently.  Would be great to have them as options online.

1. An option to select from a list of the "Recommended Sets" from the rule books, and have it populate the selected kingdom cards.
2. Ability to select starting card set ups of 5&2, 3&4, or random.
3. An option that would allow player(s) to take another turn after the game would normally have ended, if they have had less turns.
4. A "selected kingdom cards" replay option, button that allows you to play the same setup again (when it was generated randomly).


1 and 4 have been mentioned a lot over time.  Tons of people would appreciate those features.  A shame that they have not been added...and there is no indication that they will be added.

2.  The game's creator has chimed in and specifically indicated that he is quite opposed to having this as even an option for the online game.  (He has no problem with players doing it in their IRL games, of course.)

3.  This also has been the subject of many past comments.  I'd have no problem with what you ask (which is to have this ability as an option, not as the default rule).  Personally, I play very different strategies, depending on if I go first or not.  To me, this adds a lot of extra thought to the game, and therefore makes it more enjoyable.  But I'd have no problem for players who want it, to have them play games that end in an equal number of turns.  No indication that this option will be added, either.


Request 4 already kind of exists. You can reload an old game if you have the Game ID saved. The one potential issue is that the random seed is the same, and so you'll have the exact same opening splits and early shuffles each time you play. If you keep or obtain a comma-separated list of cards in the kingdom you can copy-and-paste it into the "Select Kingdom Cards" box.

As josh said, Request 2 has been vetoed by Donald X, the game designer

Request 3 has also been vetoed by Donald X, I'd say more forcefully than for 2

Request 1 makes total sense and I don't think I'd use it personally but should definitely be an option.


For #3, yes definitely not as a new rule, just as an option.

Sad that the designer is so closed minded to ideas that so many people want.  (and so simple to implement as options, not defaults)

I've heard 3/4 called a "tournament start", as in, many tournaments use that as a rule.
Something that widespread should be considered.


I would like to have an option to limit the amount of attack cards :)