Dominion: Allies rules?

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Hi all,

It's Davio, been playing Dominion on and off for, well, more years than I'd like to admit.
Today I saw that Allies was in preview, so I'm super excited to try it out, but I can't find the rules anywhere.

I noticed some cards gave "favors" (as in "+1 favor") which mattered for end game scoring and some cards had the subtype "liaison" which I don't yet know what it does.

If there would be an official link with either card rules or the official rules, that would be great.  ;D

So from what I've gathered:

"Favor is a resource which you can gain and/or spend, depending on what specific cards say". It looks like it always comes with a special card, which looks the same as an 'event, project, landmark or way' and always refers to a 'group of people' such as a cult or a league, and is set aside which tells you what favors can be used for in this particular game.

It looks like cards with the subtype 'liaison' can gain favors.


When you first logged in after todays update there should have been a message with links to the previews. You can find them posted as threads here:

There will be a new thread posted each day this week, with new cards.

The full rulebook for the expansion won't be available until release, which is hopefully mid-March but there's still no confirmed release date.


Oh I totally forgot that forum although I used to be a regular there, thanks, I'll check it out over there.

Just played a fun game with Underling, Broker and League of Bankers which combo'd off pretty quickly. I ended the game with 24 favor tokens which meant an automatic +$6 each buy phase! If you can trash all of your Estates for favors quickly, you get 6 tokens, then just make sure to play Underlings twice and you already have +$2 each buy phase. :)