weird money line +$1, Fool's Gold?

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game #87250796

Turn 12 - Lord Rattington
L plays a Fool's Gold and a Copper. (+$2)
L gets +$1.
L plays a Gold and a Silver. (+$5)
L buys and gains a Gold.

That third line about getting +$1. I'm not sure what the intent was with these lines, maybe it's something with Fool's Gold? Maybe it's something with combining treasure plays in the game log? In any case, that "gets +$1" doesn't make any sense to me and probably shouldn't be there.


Yes, I assume it comes from the Fool's Gold. Being able to produce different amounts of coin makes it have an extra log line, AFAIK, and when the "combined summary" in the line above had the amount added, this creates that double logging.


There may be an error in the combining then -- if there's going to be another line that says +$1 then that first line with the copper should probably only say $1 instead of $2. I read this and think that Rat has $8 total when it should only be $7.