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Has the text on cards been replaced with images?  Very sad if so. I use that text in order to translate and understand the cards.


No, that has not be done. Why do you think so?


None of the text on the cards can be selected. I guess that is the main issue. I don't know what has caused it.

It used to be possible to select the card text.


I see. I'll ask if this was intentional or just some side effect.


Thanks a million!

Quite a few of my friends use online Dominion to learn Japanese kanji characters.


Interesting! There is an active japanese player community, just not on this forum usually, because of the prelavance of English as language if communication.

The answer that came back is that it is not an intended change, but very likey a change due to the new way that graphical rendering is done. As such it is not likely to change, because that way has advantages (I assume, I have no real knowledge about how all this works under the hood).

I'll ask if there is a way to make the information somehow available , outside the game.


Okay, good to know. At least I'm not imagining it.

If I was to throw my opinion out there, I think there are going to be a lot of unforeseen issues if text is not made available as a text string to the browser.


Something has definitely changed, I think around the time of the first Prosperity preview (but with all cards; this is not something specific to Prosperity). I used to be able to use my browser search capability (Command + F) to search for text on the cards, but that no longer works.

That may sound a bit silly, but I used it to quickly get a feel for the kingdom if it had a bunch of unfamiliar cards. At the beginning of the game, I'd press Command + F and search for "trash", and be able to clearly see which cards would let me trash. Then I'd search for "gain" and be able to clearly see which cards would let me gain cards without buying.

Now, I can no longer do that.